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Medicine Department

Medicine is a science and practice which focuses on caring for the patient, management of diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, and treatment of the disease and promoting their best health. Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing. When a person is devoid of diseases or infirmities, then only he or she can be called healthy individual. The practice of medicine is therefore promotion and care of health.

Medicine has a curative function and it deals with those who are ill. Medicine encompasses a lot of fields such as paediatrics, general nutrition, immunization, treatment of pregnant women, diagnostics, speciality treatment depending on the condition of patient. We have trained doctors to tend to the patients needs in these diverse medical fields who work round the clock and monitor the health of their patients.

We provide the varied degrees of specialization in each field of medicine to ensure best treatment of the patient. Our experienced general physicians based on the condition of patient, decide whether a patient needs to be referred to a specialist or not though the  patients have direct access to the specialists . Since we believe in faster recovery and timely healing for our patients, we are committed to provide top facilities, hygienic food as per health standards.

This great combination of general medicine and specialization ensures a successful treatment of the specific patient. We have a fully equipped hospital with trained technicians, physicians and care staff for  comprehensive medical care.

We have successfully treated numerous patients from all over India and are committed to do so wholeheartedly in coming future .

Patient Reviews

Best Patient Care

Wow very nice well equipped Hospital. Excellent doctors & staff. Doctor is a great and caring staff. She offers helpful advice and suggestions.
Satpal Singh Multani
visited here, cleaning, maintenance & set-up is amazing. This hospital is one of the top Hospital in Punjab. Support services work is excellent. All Doctors and staff are very coprative. I will be very thankful to all staff, keep it up.❤️❤️
Asif Khan
One of the best hospital of Punjab well maintained and very experienced doctors and very supportive staffs .Thanks for managing my follow up consultation so smoothly. I highly recommend Aggarwal hospital.
Arifa Begum